18 November 2008

Rolling Along...

The goal of having this blog is to give my fans an inside look at the process and the progress I have in bringing new art to them.

Those that know a bit more than others are aware that while Music and Audio are my main passions, I also dabble in the visual side. Usually in the form of what I call CG Photography. (All done inside my computer.)

I'll post images here every now and then so that they have an outlet beyond a chosen few.

As always, I've lotsa musical ideas floating about... But, the one I currently see with the best potential is in a lyrical standstill. *sighs*

Once I break through that, the rest of the tune will come together fairly quickly. I already have the skeleton of the song laid out with scratches.

No, you can't hear any of it 'til it's done. *winks* Which means, of course, that you may never hear it.

For quick access to a few songs that you can hear, go to

They're a quick preview of what's coming in the next album.

Oops, don't forget about iTunes and Amazon. You can find tunes from the album 'Musix' at those vendors too.



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