26 November 2008

*wipes the sweat from his brow*

I was able to get all of the songs from 'Musix' (minus the bonus tracks from the CD version) up on LeeFox.Net. They're available as a free stream, a 99cent download, or can be licensed for use in other productions.

For technical reasons, the downloads from my site are slightly higher quality than those you can get elsewhere of my music.

In the future, I hope to have another run at offering the CD version for those that prefer better sounding audio and songs presented in the album format.

Remember, in some of our favorite albums, where, as one song faded away, the next song faded into the scene and shifted the mood to the new sounds?

You simply can't get that from stringing together a series of individual mp3's.

For now...

I continue working on new songs for the next album as well as bringing you updates as I can.


Lee Fox

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